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ashley magnus
18 March 2021 @ 02:25 pm
For IC contact please go here. If you'd like to start a verse with my Ashley, leave a note below and I'll see what can be arranged.

ashley magnus
30 September 2019 @ 09:43 pm
Have comments, praise, suggestions, or any sort of constructive criticism regarding the way I play my characters? Tell me here! All comments are screened and anonymous commenting is on. Flames and wank will not be tolerated. This post is to be used for constructive criticism only.
ashley magnus
06 January 2012 @ 08:33 pm
When the Sanctuary receives reports of attacks Ashley and a team make their way to Mystic Falls, although Ashley's the only one left standing.

01 Reaching Mystic Falls
ashley magnus
17 April 2011 @ 07:46 pm
Everything pre-series is head canon. Where the information leaves off is the middle of the season one finale, Revelations, which is where Ashley would come into a game.

Ashley was conceived in the late 1800s though she was cryogenically frozen for a century, finally being brought to term in 1986. Ashley was born in America to Helen Magnus and was lead to believe that her father, John Druitt, was dead until a few weeks ago. Being raised in the Sanctuary helped Ashley to quickly become accustomed to abnormals and that part of the world. Her first experience with an abnormal wasn’t until the age of five and unfortunately it wasn’t a pleasant experience for Ashley either.

As Ashley grew up she was allowed to venture throughout the Sanctuary more frequently and after a certain age she could do so alone. The Housekeeper, a Big Foot, often helped Ashley and she learned to see the nicer side of abnormals. Her mother taught her the history that she knew and how she had become involved in the Sanctuary which helped Ashley to learn about her mother's work and to understand and to lose her fear surrounding abnormals.

At around the age of eight Ashley’s mother brought a special abnormal into the Sanctuary; a child whom she named Henry after rescuing him after he'd been abandoned by his family (a group of hyperaccelerated proteans - werewolves). Ashley and Henry, being of a similar age, became close friends through growing up together which caused Ashley to think of him more as a brother than anything else.

Turning eighteen unlocked more of the world for Ashley and allowed her to aide her mother's work in a new aspect. Her first major encounter involved capturing a group of werewolves on her eighteenth birthday. Since then Ashley has had extensive training in the use of various weaponry, including those created by Henry, and has learned more about abnormals. Ashley's role in the Sanctuary is a more simplistic one but very important nonetheless; whilst Helen researches the abnormals Ashley goes out to ‘bag’ them, often with her mother’s help if faced with a larger group or a more dangerous abnormal.

Now 23 Ashley has spent most of her life in the Sanctuary aiding her mother’s work and research, though she is in the midst of discovering that an already dangerous world is about to become even more deadly. Ashley was first introduced to, now colleague, Will Zimmerman when her mother brought him in to the Sanctuary in hopes of him joining their work. At first Ashley was weary of Will though after he saved her life she was glad that he was there and truly hoped that he would stay.

Whilst in Scotland Ashley, Helen and Will ‘stole’ three women from a crypt that they later learned to be witches - the Morrigan. During the protection of the witches, the Sanctuary was attacked by a group known as the Cabal. Although the Morrigan left of their own will this act placed the Sanctuary further onto the Cabal's radar and it was far from the last time that they'd meet again.

Ashley brought the Sanctuary into its own trouble after bringing in a group of abnormals that Ashley affectionately named ‘Nubbins’. They were soon faced with a population problem, however, as the Nubbins bred with large litters. This proved dangerous to the Sanctuary after the Nubbins escaped from their habitat and began to quickly overrun the Sanctuary. Ashley’s interests in saving both the Sanctuary and the Nubbins were conflicted when the only option for saving the Sanctuary was to exterminate the Nubbins, a notion that Ashley was very much against. In the end they managed to save both the Sanctuary and the Nubbins, using a variant technique to manage their population - something that Ashley was relieved about.

Ashley's care extends deeply into her family also and when Henry is faced with a crisis over who he is, after the change of him becoming a werewolf begins to scare him, Ashley goes to talk to him, to try and make him see that who he is becoming isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Henry rejects her notion that this change is good, that they’ve both seen the bad side of abnormals but Ashley counters that, reminding him that they’ve also both seen the wonders; that they don’t know what this could be. Henry isn’t willing to believe Ashley but she isn’t ready to give up on him either and, when he later changes his mind, it's something that she's deeply glad to know.

During an encounter in a warehouse, Ashley finds herself feeling uncomfortable and having to manage between her job and controlling the attentions of a young cameraman. Ashley, her mother, Will and Henry have to battle between trying to capture an abnormal whilst keeping a reporter and her cameraman safe from an attack by the abnormal. After being asked out on a date Ashley finds herself feeling uncomfortable, mostly due to the absence of a life or friends outside of the Sanctuary and her lack of experience in dating. She offers a rain check due to having plans for his suggested day however Ashley doesn’t manage to go on her date as the abnormal kills the young man before it is captured.

Whilst her mother is in Rome Ashley is kidnapped by a man named John Druitt who she later discovers is her father. Instead of killing her like she dares him to do Druitt informs her that one of the original members of the Five, a group in which her parents started, is attempting to kill her mother in a bid to resurrect the vampires and create his own army. Ashley is reluctant to believe him but puts her doubts and confusion at him aside to save her mother. Whilst back at the Sanctuary, Ashley attempts to understand and come to terms with Druitt being her father, angry at her mother for that fact that the knowledge didn’t come from her. This puts a strain on the relationship between Ashley and her mother despite the fact that Ashley understands why her mother did what she did. The knowledge of her father hurt Ashley a lot deeper than she'd admit to and, ultimately, she needs time to accept this fact.

When the wife of a friend of Will’s asks him to look into her husband’s disappearance they discover that the Cabal are behind the kidnapping. The Cabal have been turning humans into aggressive abnormals in an attempt to understand them and use them for what they need. Unfortunately this knowledge comes at a price to the Sanctuary as it comes from Ashley’s grandfather who once created a similar abnormal to this over a century ago. After saving Will with loaded gun they manage to find a cure for Will and the other “super abnormals”, turning them back to humans. Her mother confides that she doubts that the Cabal will stop whatever they are doing but is pleased that they no longer have that knowledge.

After an attack on an abnormal on the Yukon/Alaska border the Sanctuary learns from an old friend – James Watson – about a new bioweapon that the Cabal have created and plan to use on all abnormals. Fearing the words Helen and James plan to call together the Five to gather the cure – a vial of pure vampire blood – against the attack. Ashley offers, with the aid of Henry, to infiltrate the Cabal’s weapons factory and, after managing to persuade her mother, Ashley leads Henry into the Cabal’s stronghold, however they don’t manage to get far.